Top Five Degrees for Shy People

Degrees for Shy People

If you hate the idea of taking the podium or networking, check out five degrees you'll love.

By Terence Loose

Does the idea of going back to school thrill you, but the thought of giving a speech to classmates terrify you? You're not alone in your shyness.

In fact, shyness is a condition that can result in crippling anxiety for students and worse, possibly poor grades, says Dr. Suzanne Anthony, a clinical psychologist and former University of California, Santa Barbara instructor.

"Picking a major that forces you to do things that result in stressful situations can inhibit your performance. I think people do a lot better in school when they are anxiety-free and happy," says Anthony.

The good news is that there are plenty of degree programs that don't require a lot of schmoozing, fraternizing, or any other zing-ings.

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Degree #1 - Paralegal Studies

If your idea of a great day out of the house is time spent in a research library, you may be a great candidate for a paralegal studies degree. Yes, blush-inclined bookworms fascinated with questions of law could thrive here.

According to the College Board, an organization of colleges and universities that administers tests like the SAT, paralegal studies majors could learn their way around a law library's resources, including legal journals, case summaries, and government docs.

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Shy-Friendly Factor: "If you're shy and get anxious interacting with other people, many aspects of a paralegal program such as doing research, writing, and analyzing law and legal arguments would be a great fit," says Anthony.

Degree #2 - Accounting

Have you noticed that balancing your checkbook or doing your taxes usually doesn't require a lot of chit-chat? If you find that soothing, you may want to check out a degree in accounting.

Why? Because while the drama department might be performing the latest "Wall Street" type saga, accounting students will likely be studying such things as auditing, cost accounting, business law, tax accounting, and other numbers-based subjects, according to the College Board.

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Shy-Friendly Factor: This could be a good option, "because your coursework is a lot of studying data and statements, rules, and such," says Anthony. True enough. In fact, it's a major that teaches you how to use accounting information systems and create and analyze balance sheets, according to the College Board.

Degree #3 - Health Information Technology

If you're looking for a health care degree that could prepare you for a more computer-friendly - rather than patient-friendly - career, a health information technology degree might be good medicine.

Why? Because the courses offered in this field don't necessarily require a lot of human interaction. In fact, with a degree in health information technology,  you'll likely take commonly offered courses in medical terminology, introduction to coding, and health care statistic, according to the College Board.

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Shy-Friendly Factor: According to the College Board, it helps for health information technology students to be very detail oriented, and good with numbers and computers. "The fact that they'll be studying information more than having to interact with large groups of other students is a plus for the shy," says Anthony.

Degree #4 - Network and System Administration

If your idea of networking is the kind with circuit boards and data rates rather than message boards and blind dates, a network and system administration degree could be a good fit.

That's because, according to the College Board, network and system administration majors spend time studying cyber security and how to utilize the latest and most effective technologies. Commonly offered courses include hardware technologies, network security, and information systems and database management.

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Shy-Friendly Factor: Yes, the College Board says you may have to join a study group or work in a team at times, but you'll be studying data and computer systems. "Shy people would likely feel very comfortable with this major since it is a field that is done mostly behind the scenes," says Anthony.

Degree # 5 - Graphic Design

Are you a creative type who also loves the logical yet imaginative world of computer work? A degree in graphic design might scratch both your creative and shy itches.

In fact, says the College Board, as a graphic design student, you'll learn to use cutting-edge computer programs, as well as the basics of good design. And luckily for shy students, speech and debate are not on the College Board's list of typical courses. Courses in production design, typography, Photoshop for designers, and the history of graphic design are common.

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Shy-Friendly Factor: "I would imagine that you're working for a majority of the time alone or in small groups on a creative project that you get to express yourself through. That would be great for a shy student," says Anthony.

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