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The field of business is involved in the flow of goods and services through the economy. Obviously, this is a huge field - including everything from local businesses to multinational corporations. Business is constantly evolving in response to changes in consumer preferences, technology, and many other factors. The study of business may cover everything from economics and math to history and political science. Business programs are available at the associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree levels. Certificate and diploma programs could potentially offer specialized preparation with a more narrow focus.

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  Career Job Summary Entry-Level Education* Median Pay*
Accounting & Auditing ClerkAccounting & Auditing ClerkAccountants prepare, audit, and analyze financial records.Bachelor's degree$61,690
Accountant & AuditorAccountant & AuditorAccountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records and ensure their accuracy.Bachelor's degree$62,850
Administrative Services ManagerAdministrative Services ManagerThese managers train and support the supportive, clerical services in an organization.High school diploma or equivalent$77,890
Advertising & Marketing ManagerAdvertising & Marketing ManagerMarketing managers plan programs to generate interest in a product or service.Bachelor's degree$108,260
Budget AnalystBudget AnalystBudget analysts help public and private institutions organize their finances and monitor their spending.Bachelor's degree$68,200
Claims Adjusters, Appraisers & ExaminersClaims Adjusters, Appraisers & ExaminersClaims adjusters evaluate insurance claims.Bachelor's degree$58,460
Compensation & Benefits ManagerCompensation & Benefits ManagerCompensation managers coordinate employees' wages and benefits.Bachelor's degree$89,270
Cost EstimatorCost EstimatorCost estimators estimate the time, money, resources, and labor required for projects within an organization.Bachelor's degree$57,860
Finance ManagerFinance ManagerFinancial managers are responsible for the short term and long term financial health of a companyBachelor's degree$103,910
Financial AnalystFinancial AnalystFinancial analysts assess the performance of investments and provide guidance to businesses on investment and financial decisions.Bachelor's degree$74,350
Financial ExaminersFinancial ExaminersExaminers review financial records to ensure compliance with state and federal laws.Bachelor's degree$74,940
Human Resources ManagerHuman Resources ManagerHR managers oversee the hiring, firing, and training of staff.Bachelor's degree$99,180
Human Resources SpecialistHuman Resources SpecialistA human resources specialist handles employee relations, recruiting, payroll, benefits, and training.Bachelor's degree$52,690
Insurance UnderwriterInsurance UnderwriterUnderwriters assess new insurance applications and decide terms.Bachelor's degree$59,290
Investment Banker/BrokerInvestment Banker/BrokerIn this field, agents work with buyers and sellers in financial markets.Bachelor's degree$70,190
Loan Officers Loan Officers Loan officers process and approve loan applications for businesses and individuals.High school diploma or equivalent$56,490
Lodging ManagerLodging ManagerLodging managers attend to guests needs and manage lodging establishments.Bachelor's degree$46,880
Management AnalystManagement AnalystManagement consultants who help improve organizational efficiency.Bachelor's degree$78,160
Market Research AnalystMarket Research AnalystA market research analyst reviews data on market conditions to determine potential sales for a product or service.Bachelor's degree$60,570
Meeting & Event PlannersMeeting & Event PlannersEvent planners handle all details for meetings and events from transportation to venue.Bachelor's degree$45,260
Operations Research AnalystOperations Research AnalystAnalysts utilize operations research to solve problems and improve efficiencies in an organization.Bachelor's degree$70,960
Personal Financial AdvisorPersonal Financial AdvisorPersonal financial advisors provide financial advice regarding investments and other fiscal decisions.Bachelor's degree$64,750
Property & Real Estate ManagersProperty & Real Estate ManagersManages residential, industrial, or commercial properties.High school diploma or equivalent$51,480
Public Relations Managers & SpecialistsPublic Relations Managers & SpecialistsPublic relations specialists help create a positive public image of their company or client.Bachelor's degree$57,550
Purchasing Managers & AgentsPurchasing Managers & AgentsPurchasing agents buy products for companies to resell or use.Bachelor's degree or related experience$58,360
Real Estate Appraiser & AssessorReal Estate Appraiser & AssessorAppraisers determine the value of property based on market conditions.High school diploma or equivalent$48,500
Real Estate Broker & Sales AgentReal Estate Broker & Sales AgentBrokers and sales agents help clients sell, buy, or rent properties.High school diploma or equivalent$42,680
ReceptionistReceptionistA receptionist performs administrative tasks such as answering phones, distributing mail, scheduling appointments, and greeting customers.High school diploma or equivalent$25,240
Sales EngineerSales EngineerSales engineers sell highly-technical or scientific products or services to companies.Bachelor's degree$87,390
Sales ManagerSales ManagerManage the sales team by setting goals, analyzing data, and coaching.Bachelor's degree$98,530
Secretaries & Administrative AssistantsSecretaries & Administrative AssistantsAdmin assistants perform clerical duties such as answering phones, drafting messages or organizing files.High school diploma or equivalent$34,660
Tax Examiner & Revenue AgentTax Examiner & Revenue AgentTax examiners review tax returns, perform audits, and collect taxes that are overdue.Bachelor's degree$49,360
Top ExecutiveTop ExecutiveTop executives are responsible for meeting organizational goals and overseeing operational activities of a company.Bachelor's degree$101,250
Training & Development ManagerTraining & Development ManagerTraining managers coordinate new staff training as well as continuous staff development.Bachelor's degree$89,170

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Database Administrators, on the Internet at (visited April 3, 2013).

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