Stratford University

Stratford University General Education program disclosures

Certificate in Accounting

Diploma in Accounting

Advanced Culinary Arts Professional

A.A.S Medical Assisting

A.A.S Network Management & Security

A.A.S. Accounting

A.A.S. Advanced Culinary Arts

A.A.S. Baking & Pastry Arts

A.A.S. Business Administration

A.A.S. Clinical Hemodialysis Technician

A.A.S. EKG Phlebotomy Technician

A.A.S. Hotel and Restaurant Management

A.A.S. Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

A.A.S. Pharmacy Technician

B.A. Hospitality Management

B.S. Accounting

B.S. Business Administration

B.S. Health Care Administration

B.S. Information Technology

B.S. Nursing

International MBA

M.S. Accounting

M.S. Enterprise Business Management

M.S. Information Systems

M.S. Software Engineering

M.S. Telecommunications

Master Business Administration

MS Information Assurance

MS Entrepreneurial Management

BA Culinary Management