Medical Billing/Coding Degree

Medical billing and coding is a very important part of the healthcare field, especially nowadays, when accuracy of medical insurance records is so critical to healthcare providers and patients. Many people aren’t aware of the importance of medical billing and coding; it ensures that that patients are charged correctly and healthcare providers are reimbursed properly.

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Medical Billing/Coding

What do Medical Billing and Coding Majors Learn?

Medical billing and coding courses teach students about the various systems and strategies for tracking costs and insurance code related to a number of patient services and procedures. When you take medical billing and coding classes, you may also learn about the different ways that healthcare providers record and report this information to hospital administrators or insurance companies. Depending on the program you are enrolled in, you may learn some or all of the following general concepts:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting 
  • Filing
  • Organizational Skills 
  • Medical Terminology 
  • Insurance Policies

You May gain hands-on experience at medical billing and coding while earning your degree. Medical billing assistants can work in a variety of medical facilities—the opportunities are vast. Hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices are always looking for qualified people to fill this important role.

Did You Know?

Jobs in medical billing and coding are not only available in hospitals and doctors’ offices; veterinary offices and animal hospitals also need qualified people trained in medical billing/coding to oversee their billing systems as well. So if you love animals, this may be another avenue to explore.

Famous Celebrities with Medical Billing/Coding Degrees

Medical billing and coding falls within the realm of healthcare administration. Hospital administrators have played significant roles in movies and television. Usually, these characters are the ones who keep the doctors on track and make sure the patients are properly taken care of.

  • For example, on the television drama “House,” hospital administrator, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, played by Lisa Edelstein, is frequently in conflict with Dr. House due to his disregard for hospital rules and proper procedures.

Is Medical Billing/Coding Right for You?

What type of person will succeed in the field of medical billing and coding?

Medical billing and coding is a very important part of the healthcare system. Medical institutions must rely on a qualified group of professionals to oversee this crucial process. If mistakes are made in medical billing/coding, healthcare providers may not be reimbursed properly for their services and patients may be billed incorrectly.

Successful candidates in this degree program usually have a strong attention to detail, are very organized, and have excellent math skills.

Skills Needed for Medical Billing/Coding

To be successful in medical billing and coding, you need a good understanding of the healthcare system, but you also need other skills:

  • Computer Skills – Medical billing and coding involves computer-based accounting systems to keep track of procedures and account for them properly. Therefore, strong computer skills are important to succeed in this field.
  • Medical Knowledge – You don’t need to be a doctor or nurse to get a job in medical billing and coding, but it helps to know about what types of procedures and tests are common in the healthcare facility you work in so you are able to explain them to patients when they have questions about their bills.
  • Organizational Skills – like any job that requires keeping track of details, medical billing/coding demands that you be organized and can stay on top of accounting and patient billing. You also need to be able to follow up with insurance companies and labs to make sure they are billed and/or reimbursed correctly.

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