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Certificates are designed to either prepare students to pursue a more advanced level of education or gain credentials that can be useful in one's profession. Certificate programs typically consist of a series of classes that are centered on a specific topic.

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Professional Certificate
Degree Level
Several Months to 2 years
High School Diploma or GED
School Type
2 year College, Vocational School

Online certificate programs may be the ideal choice for anyone who is already working full-time but would like to advance their education.

Certificates are earned through non-degree programs that are designed to equip students with specialized knowledge and skill sets. Certificates may be obtained on their own or to augment a degree of some kind. Examples of subjects in which one might earn a certificate include agriculture and landscape, business management, education, healthcare, forensics, and technology.

Did You Know?

It's true that certificates are not degrees. However, some certificates have the potential to qualify students for careers that can be nearly as lucrative as those you'd attain a degree for. And because earning a certificate takes far less time than earning a degree, it's generally possible to earn one without incurring the mountain of debt that getting a degree can often entail.

Types of Professional Certificate's

Certificates are non-degree programs that are intended to qualify students for either pursuing a more advanced level of education or possibly finding work in a specific profession. Generally speaking, there are two main types of certificate programs: undergraduate and graduate.

Undergraduate certificate programs are intended for students who have a high school diploma or who have passed the GED. These types of certificates are designed to provide students with basic career skills that may prove useful for helping students find entry-level positions within their chosen field.

What's Next? Beyond the Professional Certificate

Earning an undergraduate certificate can be a great step towards going on to earn a four-year degree. With an undergraduate certificate, you can gain valuable skills and knowledge that should help you in terms of earning a bachelor's degree.

Graduate certificates may help those who already hold degrees acquire additional knowledge that can not only potentially help them in their career pursuits, but also help them prepare for going after a more advanced degree.

Some certificate programs allow students to earn actual college credits that can be applied to a bachelor's or even a master's degree.

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